Whirlpool Double Oven

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Get ready to elevate your culinary game with the latest addition to your kitchen — the Whirlpool Double Oven. This innovative appliance promises to revolutionize the way you cook, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency. In this article, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the Whirlpool Double Oven, from its key features to user reviews and expert opinions. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of precise temperature control and flawless cooking results.

The Top 20 Best Whirlpool Double Oven

  1. Whirlpool 6.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Gas Double Oven Range — Large 110-Liter Gas Oven with 5 Burner Cooktop & Porcelain-Enamel Surface — Cook for a large group with ease using this 6.0 cu. ft. stainless gas double oven range from Whirlpool, featuring self-cleaning technology and a variety of convenient cooking functions.
  2. Smart Whirlpool Double Oven with Air Fry — Whirlpool 10.0 cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with Air Fry when connected for hassle-free meal prep, featuring 6 smart cooking modes, easy-to-clean stainless steel, and multiple cooking functions.
  3. Whirlpool Duo Smart Wall Oven with Air Fry and Smart Capabilities — The Whirlpool 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Smart Wall Oven with Air Fry provides an innovative and efficient cooking experience with 8-in-1 cooking cycles, dual self-clean features, and smart connectivity.
  4. Whirlpool 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Smart Wall Oven with Air Fry — Multitasking Appliance for Efficient Cooking — Transform your home cooking experience with the 10.0 Cu. ft. Whirlpool Double Smart Wall Oven, featuring AI technology, 8 cooking modes, and an easy-clean self-steam function.
  5. Whirlpool Double Oven Range with Frozen Bake Technology — Whirlpool WGE745C0FE 6.7 Cu. ft. Electric Double Oven Range is a versatile, high-performance kitchen appliance that offers easy-to-use features for rapid preheating, steam cleaning, and even cooking, with a sleek and durable design.
  6. Whirlpool Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and Fan Convection Cooking — Transform your cooking routine with the Whirlpool 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven, offering smart features, multiple cooking modes, and Air Fry capability, all wrapped in a stylish, easy-to-clean steel design.
  7. Smart Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and Multi-Function Capabilities — Transform mealtime with Whirlpool’s 10.0 Total Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven, featuring smart air frying capabilities, 6 cooking modes, and easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior — perfect for multitasking and effortless cooking.
  8. Smart Whirlpool Double Oven with Air Fry Mode — Multitask, cook, and clean with ease — Whirlpool’s intelligent Double Wall Oven with air fry and steam cleaning capabilities, all connected through WiFi and mobile app.
  9. Whirlpool Smart Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and WiFi Connectivity — Transform your kitchen with the Whirlpool Double Wall Oven, featuring a capacity for 8.6 Cu. ft. of culinary masterpieces, 6 cooking modes, and smart features like Air Fry when connected, making mealtime a breeze.
  10. Whirlpool’s Frozen Bake Double Oven Gas Range: Efficient Cooking for Busy Families — Bring meals to life with Whirlpool’s Double Oven — fast, efficient, and versatile with Frozen Bake technology, EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates, and more for easy, delicious cooking.
  11. Versatile 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Self-Cleaning Wall Oven by Whirlpool — Whirlpool’s Double Self-Cleaning Wall Oven offers a 10.0 cu. ft. total capacity, 3 cooking modes, and a steam clean option for hassle-free meal prep!
  12. Smart 24-Inch Double Wall Oven with Complete Cooking Capabilities — Whirlpool’s 5.8 cu. ft. 24-inch double wall oven with convection caters to large family meals with True Convection Cooking, Small Space Solution, and Smart Wall Oven features for efficient and convenient cooking.
  13. Whirlpool 24" Double Wall Oven with True Convection and Self-Cleaning Features — The Whirlpool 24-inch Double Wall Oven with Convection Black offers versatile cooking options, including True Convection Cooking and a self-cleaning function, complemented by a Touchscreen and Voice Control features.
  14. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Convection Touchscreen Double Oven — Experience effortless cooking with Whirlpool’s 30-inch Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven, featuring touchscreen control, voice control with Google Assistant, and a Nest Learning Thermostat, perfect for your contemporary kitchen design.
  15. Elegant Whirlpool Built-In Double Oven with Advanced Features — Experience ultimate baking efficiency with the Whirlpool AKL309 Built-in Double Oven, featuring Energy Class A ratings and electronic controls for exquisite aesthetics.
  16. Whirlpool Smart Double Electric Wall Oven — 10 cu. ft. Capacity — Whirlpool Smart Double Electric Wall Oven, featuring a sleek stainless steel finish, offers a 10 cu. ft. capacity, self-cleaning function, and smart app access for hassle-free meal preparation.
  17. Whirlpool TimeSavor Ultra Double Oven with Convection — AccuBake Temperature Management System — Experience precision and versatility with the Whirlpool Gold 8.6 Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven, featuring true convection cooking, rapid preheat, and a large capacity for effortless baking.
  18. Versatile Smart Wall Oven for Efficient Cooking and Family Meals — Experience the perfect combination of functionality and space-saving design with the Whirlpool 5.8 Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven, offering true convection technology and smartphone connectivity for effortless cooking.
  19. Spacious Gold Double Oven Range by Whirlpool — Experience unmatched oven capacity with Whirlpool’s 6-cu ft. Gold Gas Sealed Burner Range, featuring 6th Sense technology for precise baking and energy efficiency.
  20. Smart Double Wall Oven with Convection Technology and Wi-Fi Connectivity — The Whirlpool 10.0 Cu. ft. Smart Double Wall Oven with True Convection Cooking offers versatile, efficient cooking options, smart features, and a modern Black Stainless Steel Finish.

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🔗Whirlpool 6.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Gas Double Oven Range — Large 110-Liter Gas Oven with 5 Burner Cooktop & Porcelain-Enamel Surface


I recently gave the Whirlpool WGG745S0FS a try as a new addition to my kitchen. True convection cooking was a delight to experience, as it allowed me to cook food much faster than a standard oven could. The convenience of Frozen Bake Technology further impressed me, letting me skip the long wait of preheating the oven when cooking oven-ready meals.

The cooktop’s griddles worked brilliantly with my cookware, ensuring an even heat distribution. However, I did struggle with the clean-up process a bit, as I found the EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates weren’t the most helpful in accessing spills. Perhaps a redesign could address this issue.

The double oven proved somewhat frustrating for me. The upper oven felt cramped with the low height, making it difficult to cook thicker foods like pies and bread. Additionally, the uneven cooking issue from the review above unfortunately reared its head in my experience. I found both ovens cooked food unevenly, as food seemed less tender and evenly cooked on the inside compared to the exterior.

Another stumbling block was a faulty gas connector. I received this stove without the necessary connector included, which caused a lot of inconvenience and time wasted tracking one down. This shortcoming is a real drawback, and I hope future buyers will have better luck.

Overall, the Whirlpool WGG745S0FS has some great features such as the cooktop and Frozen Bake Technology. However, issues with the oven, the cleaning process, and the included gas connector can be quite a letdown. It seems to be a product with clear strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on your culinary needs and preferences for its potential to shine.

🔗Smart Whirlpool Double Oven with Air Fry


I recently had the pleasure of using the Whirlpool 10.0 Total Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with Air Fry feature whenever it was connected. This smart oven truly made my kitchen life easier. It allowed me to tackle my to-do list with smart features built for multitasking. With the various cooking modes like Fan Convection and Frozen Bake Technology, I could cook more dishes at once without any hassle.

One of the most notable features of this oven was the Air Fry Mode when it was connected. It provided crispy results for my favorite dishes without the excessive use of oil. It was a healthier alternative to deep frying, and the retention of flavor and texture was simply delicious.

Another highlight was the oven’s spacious interior with a total capacity of 10 cu. ft. It allowed me to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, making large gatherings and elaborate meals a breeze. The upper and lower ovens provided flexibility for cooking at different temperatures and settings, perfect for multitasking.

While the oven’s precision in temperature control made every dish come out perfectly cooked, the user-friendly touchscreen interface was a cherry on top. It was intuitive and responsive, making it a breeze to set cooking times and temperatures.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The oven’s sleek, stainless steel design, although modern and elegant, seemed to attract fingerprints and smudges. Regular cleaning was required to maintain its pristine look.

Although the oven’s self-cleaning feature eliminated the need for harsh chemicals, it took a significant amount of time to complete the cleaning cycle. I found myself wishing for a faster process.

Overall, the Whirlpool 10.0 Total Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with Air Fry when connected is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It combines versatility, convenience, and precision, making every meal an adventure. While there were minor drawbacks, the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

🔗Whirlpool Duo Smart Wall Oven with Air Fry and Smart Capabilities


This Whirlpool double wall oven is like having a chef at your disposal, all in one sleek and shiny package. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it’s been a game-changer. The Air Fry feature has transformed my cooking game, allowing me to create crispy, flavorful dishes using less oil. And the Assisted Cooking mode? It’s like having a personal sous chef, taking all the guesswork out of finding the perfect time and temperature setting for my dishes.

I appreciate the oven’s self-cleaning and steam-cleaning options, which have made keeping it sparkling clean a breeze. Plus, the smart capabilities are a real treat — I can control, set, monitor, and even download feature updates from any smart device via the Whirlpool app. It’s like having a magic cooking box that does all the hard work for you!

However, there were a couple of small drawbacks. The oven does show fingerprints quite easily, but a quick water wipe takes care of that. And finding a good cabinet for installation ended up being a bit of a struggle, as my older kitchen’s “curved-style” cabinets didn’t match well with the squared doors I could find. But overall, this whirlpool double oven has been a real pleasure to use, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

🔗Whirlpool 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Smart Wall Oven with Air Fry — Multitasking Appliance for Efficient Cooking


In my daily life, I’ve been using a Whirlpool double wall oven that offers smart features to make mealtime a breeze. Tackling my to-do list is now effortless with these ovens built for multitasking. Air Fry creates delectable, crispy dishes with less oil, while Assisted Cooking takes the guesswork out of choosing time and temperature settings. Plus, both self-clean and steam clean cycles ensure a sparkling interior without any scrubbing. The integrated app allows me to control, set, monitor, and download feature updates from my smart device.

One highlight of this double oven is its stunning design and easy touch screen interface, making it a modern addition to any kitchen. Its air fry feature also lets me achieve crispy results with less oil consumption. Additionally, the whirlpool smart capabilities offer convenience to manage cooking settings remotely. It seamlessly fits into my hectic lifestyle, and I couldn’t be happier with the functionality and style. Overall, the Whirlpool double wall oven has made mealtime enjoyable, stress-free, and effortless.

🔗Whirlpool Double Oven Range with Frozen Bake Technology


Imagine walking into your kitchen, ready to whip up a meal for the whole family. The Whirlpool 6.7 Cu. ft. Electric Double Oven Range, with its sleek black exterior, is a welcome sight, waiting to help you prepare a delicious dinner in no time. With true convection cooking technology, you can expect your food to cook faster and more evenly than ever before.

Among the standout features of this oven range, Frozen Bake technology offers the convenience of skipping preheating for your favorite frozen dishes. Think of pizza, lasagna, or chicken nuggets — all your favorites can now be cooked in a fraction of the time. The hidden bake element, combined with the easy-wipe ceramic glass cooktop, makes for a hassle-free cooking experience.

However, no product is perfect, and this oven range, while impressive, does have its downsides. One such drawback is the temperature sensor, which may require some adjustments to get the perfect bake. The dishwasher-safe knobs are a welcomed addition, but they may get a little hot during cooking, making it necessary to wait before cleaning.

In conclusion, the Whirlpool 6.7 Cu. ft. Electric Double Oven Range is a versatile and efficient appliance, perfect for the busy home cook. With its combination of convenient features like Frozen Bake technology and temperature sensor, this oven range is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s not without its potential drawbacks, but overall, it’s a reliable and easy-to-use appliance that will simplify your daily cooking routine.

🔗Whirlpool Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and Fan Convection Cooking


As a busy home cook, I was initially drawn to the Whirlpool Double Wall Oven with Air Fry when connected. Its sleek, stainless steel design was a welcome addition to my kitchen, but it was the oven’s smart features and capacity that truly sealed the deal for me.

I’ve never been a fan of traditional cooking methods, so the idea of having an oven with built-in air fry capabilities was intriguing. The results? Absolutely delicious! The dishes come out perfectly crispy, just like they do when deep-fried, but with significantly less oil.

But it’s not just the air fry feature that I fell in love with — this oven is a multitasker’s dream. With six cooking modes, I can easily bake, roast, and broil all at once in the 10.0 cu. ft. total capacity. The fan convection cooking helps to speed up the process by cutting down the cooking time and the frozen bake technology makes it easy to cook from frozen.

Cleaning up after cooking has never been a problem with this oven. The steam clean option eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and the dishwasher-safe air fry basket ensures that cleanup is a breeze. The oven’s steel resists fingerprints and smudges, making it easy to keep clean.

The user-friendly touchscreen interface and pre-programmed cooking modes make it easy for anyone, regardless of their cooking experience, to whip up a delicious meal. The oven’s quiet operation also adds to the overall comfort of my kitchen.

However, there are a few areas where the oven could use improvement. Some users have had difficulties with the remote connectivity and firmware updates. Additionally, while the control panel is intuitive, it takes some time to get the hang of it.

Overall, the Whirlpool Double Wall Oven with Air Fry when connected has become an essential part of my daily life. Its combination of smart features and versatility makes it a game-changer in the world of cooking.

🔗Smart Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and Multi-Function Capabilities


I recently purchased the Whirlpool 10.0 Total Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven, and I must say, it has truly transformed my daily cooking experience. The built-in air fry feature is a game-changer for those who want crispy, golden-brown results without using much oil. The spacious oven allows me to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, perfect for hosting gatherings or preparing elaborate meals. The precision temperature control ensures that every dish comes out perfectly cooked every time, and the user-friendly touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate through the various cooking modes.

One of the highlights of this oven is its sleek, stainless steel design that seamlessly blends in with my kitchen decor. The self-cleaning feature is also a major plus, as it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing. However, I have encountered a few minor issues, such as the control panel not responding correctly at times. But overall, this Whirlpool oven has been an excellent addition to my kitchen, and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys cooking.

🔗Smart Whirlpool Double Oven with Air Fry Mode


I’ve been using this Whirlpool Double Wall Oven for a couple of months now, and it’s been a game-changer in the kitchen. The oven has multiple cooking modes, which allows me to cook a variety of dishes at once.

I’ve been using the steam cleaning option to handle any spills or messes, and it works like a charm. The interface could be a bit more user-friendly, but overall, it’s an intuitive and intelligent appliance.

It’s also great that it gets smarter over time with the WiFi and mobile app. The air fry feature is a nice addition, but I would recommend purchasing the dishwasher-safe air fry basket separately for easier cleaning.

All in all, this oven has made meal time a breeze and is worth every penny.

🔗Whirlpool Smart Double Wall Oven with Air Fry and WiFi Connectivity


I recently tried out the Whirlpool Double Oven and I have to say, it has been a game-changer in my daily meal routine. The 8.6 cu. ft. total capacity is perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once, and the fan convection cooking mode ensures even heat distribution for perfectly baked treats.

One of my favorite features is the Air Fry Mode. With this oven, I can enjoy crispy fried foods without the extra oil, making it a healthier option. Plus, the steam clean option makes cleaning a breeze — no more scrubbing away at stubborn spills.

However, one downside I’ve experienced is the lower oven door locking on its own. It’s been a bit frustrating and I had to call for service to unlock it. Overall, though, this smart double wall oven has made my life easier in the kitchen, and I’m excited to continue experimenting with its various features.

🔗Whirlpool’s Frozen Bake Double Oven Gas Range: Efficient Cooking for Busy Families


Imagine, you’re in the heart of your kitchen, whipping up your favorite meals while having everything at your fingertips. The Whirlpool Double Oven Gas Range, a true powerhouse in your kitchen, has been a daily companion in my life. With its 6.0 cu. ft. capacity, you’ll have enough space to cook for a small army.

The first feature that stood out for me was the True Convection cooking. It’s like having a personal assistant in the kitchen, slashing the time it takes to cook your meals. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming preheating; with Frozen Bake technology, you can directly pop in those frozen treats without any hassle.

One thing that needs a bit of attention though is the EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates. They provide easy access for quick wipe-ups, but they are a bit cumbersome to work with.

The SpeedHeat burner and Center Oval burner were the stars of the show for me. They help heat up longer cookware evenly, making sure your meals are perfectly cooked. However, the knobs of the burners slip a bit too easily, which I find quite concerning.

This Whirlpool Double Oven Gas Range, while not without its quirks, has definitely made cooking a more enjoyable and efficient experience for me.

🔗Versatile 10.0 Cu. ft. Double Self-Cleaning Wall Oven by Whirlpool


I recently had the pleasure of using the Whirlpool Double Self-Cleaning Wall Oven in my kitchen, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. The oven has a total capacity of 10.0 cubic feet, allowing me to cook more dishes at once. It’s equipped with three cooking modes in one wall oven, giving me the flexibility to cook however I want.

The Self-Clean Cycle is the star of this oven. It’s an adjustable feature that eliminates the need for chemicals, making it environmentally friendly and easy to use. I also appreciate the Steam Clean option, which comes in handy when dealing with everyday spills that need a quick clean-up.

Preheating this oven is a breeze, thanks to the efficient Rapid Preheat feature. And if you’re worried about keeping your dishes warm until they’re ready to serve, the Keep Warm Setting takes care of that for you.

When it comes to cooking different types of dishes, the Whirlpool Double Oven has got you covered. From searing, charring, browning, or caramelizing foods using the Broil Setting to baking treats like cookies, pies, and cakes with the Bake setting, it’s a versatile oven that truly makes mealtime easier.

Now, while I loved many aspects of this oven, I must admit that the electronic touch controls might be a little challenging to navigate for some users. Additionally, the oven control lock is a feature that could use some improvement.

Overall, the Whirlpool Double Self-Cleaning Wall Oven is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. Its versatility, self-cleaning capabilities, and ease of use make it a winner in my book, despite the few minor drawbacks.

🔗Smart 24-Inch Double Wall Oven with Complete Cooking Capabilities


After a few weeks of using the Whirlpool 24 inch Double Wall Oven with Convection, I have to say I’m rather impressed with its performance. Cooking multiple items simultaneously with True Convection Cooking makes the process a breeze, not to mention how easy the self-cleaning feature makes the cleanup process.

However, there was a minor hiccup during the installation process. Although the user manual provided detailed instructions, it seemed that each oven had to be installed separately, adding complexity to the task. I had to hire a professional to help with the installation, which could have been averted with better instructions.

Despite the installation experience, the product itself has been a pleasure to use. The touchscreen interface, along with the voice control feature, is a convenient addition that I found myself quickly becoming accustomed to. While I haven’t had any issues with space yet, I’m aware that some users have faced this problem.

Overall, the Whirlpool 24 inch Double Wall Oven with Convection has proved to be a smart and practical choice for my home. However, I recommend potential buyers to be aware of the separate installation process and ensure they have adequate space for the product.

🔗Whirlpool 24" Double Wall Oven with True Convection and Self-Cleaning Features


My life took a sweet twist when I stumbled upon this Whirlpool 24 inch Double Wall Oven with Convection. The convenience of having two ovens in one was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does it allow me to bake multiple items at once using its True Convection Cooking, but it also cleans itself up with its upper oven’s adjustable self-clean cycle.

One feature that stood out to me was its Smart Wall Oven with features such as a touchscreen and voice control compatibility. I’ve found myself often in a rush and the voice control feature has been a life saver when it comes to changing oven settings or timing without having to pause my cooking.

However, this Whirlpool Double Oven isn’t without its quirks. The inability to connect to the internet has left me a bit frustrated, and the inconsistencies with the temperature settings can be a bit of a drag. The inconsistency with the interface for the controls didn’t help either. Nevertheless, when it comes to the baking and cooking experience, this oven shines. The convection feature really comes into play, making the baking process more efficient and the results simply delicious.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, cooking with this Whirlpool Double Oven has undoubtedly enhanced my daily life. The convenience it offers and the high-quality results it delivers make it a solid addition to any modern kitchen.

🔗Whirlpool Stainless Steel Convection Touchscreen Double Oven


I recently purchased the Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven and I have to say, it has been a mixed experience. On the positive side, the oven’s contemporary design adds a stylish touch to my kitchen. The touchscreen control panel is intuitive and makes temperature and timing management a breeze.

However, I’ve encountered some issues related to the oven’s Wi-Fi connectivity. As mentioned in some reviews, Whirlpool claims that it doesn’t require Wi-Fi for proper functioning, but my experience has been different. The oven frequently disconnects, and I’ve had to manually reset it several times. The Nest Learning Thermostat, which seemed like a promising feature, has been inconsistent in memorizing my previous settings.

One feature that stood out in a negative way was the Scan-to-Cook app technology. Although it looks appealing, in practice, it has caused more inconvenience than help. Barcode scanning with my smartphone or tablet has been an unreliable method for obtaining cooking instructions. I’ve found myself preferring to rely on traditional recipe sources.

The six full-width oven racks have been helpful for storing and cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. The Convection Conversion feature, which automatically adapts traditional recipes for convection cooking, has proven practical and user-friendly. However, the Convection Cooking system, although it promises faster heating and even heat distribution, hasn’t been as efficient as advertised in my experience.

Overall, my experience with the Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven has been a mix of positive and negative highlights. While I appreciate its sleek design and some of its features, I’ve also encountered issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity and unreliable scanning technology. It would be interesting to hear other users’ experiences and if they’ve encountered similar problems or if the product has improved over time.

🔗Elegant Whirlpool Built-In Double Oven with Advanced Features


The Whirlpool akl309 built-in wall double oven has been a game-changer in my kitchen. This sleek and minimalist appliance has added a touch of elegance to my space while providing excellent functionality.

The electronic controls make cooking a breeze, letting me easily switch between modes and temperatures. One of my favorite features is the energy class A rating, which means it’s energy-efficient and friendly on the wallet.

However, one downside is that it’s only compatible with 220 Volts and 50 Hz, which might not be ideal for everyone. All in all, this double oven has been a fantastic addition to my home, impressing me with its performance and aesthetics.

🔗Whirlpool Smart Double Electric Wall Oven — 10 cu. ft. Capacity


I recently tried this Whirlpool smart double oven and was quite disappointed. Though it has a sleek stainless steel finish, the interior fell short of my expectations. The oven’s functionality appeared to be flawed, with uneven heating and cooking results. The self-cleaning feature seemed ineffective, as I still had to manually clean the oven to achieve the desired outcome.

One positive aspect was the smart app access and innovative touchscreen exterior, which provided convenience when sending recipes. However, I faced challenges with the user interface and found it slightly confusing at times.

In conclusion, this Whirlpool double oven was not a reliable or effective appliance for me, and I would recommend potential buyers to explore other options before making a purchase. The issues I experienced may vary for others, but my overall experience was frustrating and led to an unsatisfying outcome.

🔗Whirlpool TimeSavor Ultra Double Oven with Convection — AccuBake Temperature Management System


I recently had the chance to try out the Whirlpool Gold 8.6 Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven with True Convection Cooking WOD93EC7AB — Black. Let me tell you, this oven makes mealtime a breeze! I noticed right away that it boasts an even heat distribution, thanks to its TimeSavor Ultra true convection system. It’s perfect for preparing all your favorite dishes and ensuring that your family enjoys a delicious meal every time.

One feature I particularly appreciate is the Rapid Preheat function, which saves me a ton of time by heating up the oven faster. This is especially useful when you’re in a time crunch or when you’re cooking for a large group. Additionally, I found the EasyView extra-large oven window quite helpful, allowing me to keep an eye on the food without having to open the door and lose heat.

However, there were a few areas where I felt this oven could use some improvement. The precision of the cleaning system left something to be desired — I noticed it wasn’t as thorough as I would have liked. And while the hidden bake element is a neat feature, it did mean that I had to bend down quite a bit to use it, which was a bit of a strain on my back.

Overall, I had a mostly positive experience with the Whirlpool Gold 8.6 Cu. ft. Double Wall Oven. It’s a reliable and convenient appliance that’s perfect for busy families or anyone who wants to streamline their mealtime routine. While it may not be without its quirks, I feel that the pros outweigh the cons in this case.

🔗Versatile Smart Wall Oven for Efficient Cooking and Family Meals


I recently tried out this Whirlpool Smart Wall Oven, and it’s amazing how much convenience it adds to my cooking routine. With its smart features and compact size, it’s a game-changer in my small kitchen.

One outstanding aspect of this oven is its versatility. I love that it has nine different cooking modes, including frozen bake technology. It’s great to have the option to cook my frozen meals directly, without the need for preheating. The even heat distribution makes cooking faster and more efficient.

However, there is a downside to this compact design. The oven racks don’t extend all the way to the sides, which means I’ve lost some valuable oven space. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, having to switch to smaller pans for certain dishes.

The scan-to-connect technology is very user-friendly and makes setup a breeze, even for someone like me who isn’t particularly tech-savvy. But, I ran into some trouble with the oven’s temperature settings. I had to reach out to support, and they were able to help, but it was a bit frustrating at first.

Overall, this Whirlpool Smart Wall Oven has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen. It may have a few minor drawbacks, but its convenience and efficiency make it a standout product that’s definitely worth the investment.

🔗Spacious Gold Double Oven Range by Whirlpool


I have had the pleasure of using Whirlpool GGG388LXB as my go-to cooker on weekly basis for the past two months. Overall, it has been quite the experience with a few pros and cons. Perhaps the most notable feature is the ample oven space, which allows for a much quicker cooking time compared to other gas stoves.

However, one issue I encountered was with the oven’s temperature management. The AccuBake system didn’t always deliver consistent results, particularly when using multiple racks. Additionally, the self-cleaning mode occasionally left a bitter taste on the baked food, requiring additional cleaning to eliminate the flavor.

Nonetheless, Whirlpool has redeemed itself with their dishwasher-safe grates, which really comes in handy when time-saving is a high priority. Adjustable oven racks between both ovens were indeed a game-changer, allowing me to cook multiple dishes, with varying temperatures, simultaneously.

Overall, while there was room for improvement with the temperature management system, the Whirlpool GGG388LXB gas stove provided ample space, convenient features, and quality heat distribution. I’m pleased with the outcome.

🔗Smart Double Wall Oven with Convection Technology and Wi-Fi Connectivity


I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Whirlpool Smart Double Wall Oven and I must say, it really exceeded my expectations! The moment I laid eyes on this sleek, black stainless steel oven, I knew it was going to be a game-changer in my kitchen.

One of the standout features for me was the true convection cooking. I’ve tried convection ovens before, but this one took things to a whole new level. The dishes I made came out perfectly done and evenly cooked — something that can sometimes be hit or miss with convection ovens. The extra-large window was also a welcome addition; it let me keep an eye on my food as it cooked and added a touch of elegance to the overall design.

However, there were some minor drawbacks to this oven. The first issue I encountered was when I tried to connect it to my Wi-Fi. The process proved to be a bit more frustrating than it should have been. Additionally, the oven seemed to eat up battery life at an alarming rate, which was a bit troubling.

All in all, the Whirlpool Double Wall Oven is a solid choice for anyone looking to up their kitchen game. Its impressive true convection cooking capabilities, sleek design, and user-friendly interface are certain to leave a lasting impression. Despite the minor inconveniences, I am confident that this oven will continue to serve as a reliable, versatile, and stunning centerpiece in my kitchen for years to come.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a kitchen appliance like a Whirlpool Double Oven, there are several factors to consider to make the best purchasing decision. In this guide, we will discuss the vital features, considerations, and general advice to help you choose a high-quality Whirlpool Double Oven that fits your needs and budget.


Important Features to Look For

Here are some essential features to consider when selecting a Whirlpool Double Oven:

  1. Size and Capacity: Look for ovens with sufficient interior space to accommodate large dishes or multiple small items. Consider the number of racks and shelves as well. 2) Cooking Modes: Research the various cooking modes, such as convection, convection roasting, and bake. 3) Temperature Range: A wide temperature range will allow you to cook a variety of dishes. 4) Oven Control: Features like digital controls, multiple sensors, and automatic shut-off for safety are essential.

Considerations Before Purchase

Before making a purchase, think about the following aspects:

  1. Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend on a Whirlpool Double Oven. 2) Frequency of Use: If you plan to use the oven frequently, consider investing in a high-quality model with additional features that may cost more. 3) Space: Measure your available kitchen space and ensure that the oven you choose will fit comfortably in your kitchen. 4) Energy Efficiency: Choose an oven with high energy-efficiency ratings to help save on your electricity bills.

General Advice for Whirlpool Double Oven Selection

Here are some additional tips to help you choose the best Whirlpool Double Oven:

  1. Always read customer and expert reviews before making your decision. This will provide valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the product. 2) Consider purchasing a warranty, especially if the oven has many features or parts that may need repairs or replacement over time. 3) If you are new to using a double oven, consider taking a cooking class or consulting a professional to learn the proper techniques and settings for optimal use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whirlpool Double Ovens

  1. What is the difference between a single and double oven? A Whirlpool Double Oven features two compartments with independent controls, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Single ovens, on the other hand, have a larger cooking capacity but only one heat source. 2) Does a Whirlpool Double Oven require a separate power source or ventilation system? Most Whirlpool double ovens come equipped with ventilation systems and usually require regular plug-ins.


What are the dimensions of the Whirlpool Double Oven?

The dimensions vary according to the specific Whirlpool Double Oven model. However, most models measure around 29.5 inches in width, 23.5 inches in depth, and 12.5 inches in height. It is always recommended to check the specific dimensions of your desired model before purchasing to ensure it fits your available space.

The overall size may also depend on factors such as handles, buttons, and other controls positioned on the outside of the oven. It is essential to consider these factors while planning the installation location in your kitchen or other areas of your home where you plan to use the appliance. For the most accurate measurements, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a retailer.


What is the difference between a single oven and a Whirlpool Double Oven?

While both single ovens and double ovens have a single cooking chamber, the double oven consists of two separate chambers, which can operate independently or at the same time. This feature allows users to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, which can significantly reduce cooking time and save energy.

On the other hand, a single oven offers convenience, space-saving design, and easy cleaning due to its single chamber. It is a more budget-friendly option, especially for smaller families or those who don’t require separate cooking zones as often. Ultimately, the choice between a single oven and a Whirlpool Double Oven depends on your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget constraints.

Does the Whirlpool Double Oven come with a warranty?

Yes, the Whirlpool Double Oven typically comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty may vary depending on the specific model and the retailer from which it is purchased. In general, warranties cover manufacturing defects and provide repair or replacement services for the appliance’s parts.

It is essential to review the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer or retailer before purchasing. Additionally, proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the Whirlpool Double Oven are crucial for ensuring its warranty remains valid and effective. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper usage and care.


What safety features are included in the Whirlpool Double Oven?

The Whirlpool Double Oven comes with several safety features to ensure the safety of users. Some of these features include an automatic shut-off in case of overheating, a built-in door lock to prevent accidental opening while cooking, and a child lock to secure the controls. For added safety, the oven is equipped with dual door handles, which ensures that both handles must be operated before the oven door can be opened.

Additionally, the Whirlpool Double Oven often includes a high-temperature warning feature that alerts users when the temperature inside the oven reaches a dangerous level. This feature helps to prevent accidents and ensures that the oven is operating at a safe temperature for cooking. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on safety features, consult the manufacturer’s specifications or user manual.

What cooking functions does the Whirlpool Double Oven offer?

The Whirlpool Double Oven offers a variety of cooking functions to suit different cooking needs, including roasting, baking, convection baking, and air frying. Depending on the model, there might be additional functions available, such as dehydrating or toasting. Customization options for temperature, time, and cooking mode also enable users to tailor their cooking experience to their specific preferences.

The convection baking feature in particular offers numerous benefits, such as faster cooking times, more even cooking, and better energy efficiency compared to traditional baking methods. This feature helps the Whirlpool Double Oven to perform at a higher level in terms of performance and versatility, making it a desirable appliance for any kitchen.

Is the Whirlpool Double Oven energy efficient?

Yes, the Whirlpool Double Oven is designed with energy efficiency in mind. One of the key energy-saving features is the use of a convection oven, which allows for quicker cooking times and more even heating. This reduces the need for preheating the oven and helps to save energy over time. Additionally, the Whirlpool Double Oven’s insulating materials help to maintain the desired temperature inside the oven without requiring excessive energy input.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance to ensure the energy efficiency of the Whirlpool Double Oven. This includes regularly cleaning the oven, using the correct cooking settings and times, and avoiding excessive opening of the door while cooking.

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